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Home Storage

JIT Removals provides a Dublin home storage solution that you can trust during your home removals service. We have 10,000 square feet of warehouse space specifically designed to safely and securely look after the belongings from your home. Within the facility, we have a number of home storage options available to you, from locker sized storage for small amounts, to enough space to store the contents of a family home.
Common uses for our storage facility are; people moving home and needing temporary storage space, downsizing and keeping valued items like furniture in personal storage and temporarily moving overseas for work.

Whatever your needs, we can accommodate you with safe, secure and affordable storage space. We can pack and wrap your furniture and belongings, and will collect your items from you, store them away securely until you need them again, at which point, we’ll deliver them back to you. We have a wide selection of professional standard packing supplies available to buy here in our online packing shop.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that our warehouse is not “self-storage” facility, where you will have 24/7 access to your belongings. Of course access can be arranged when needed, simply contact the office and arrangements can be made.

We offer professional Dublin Storage facilities suitable for domestic and commercial customers, with great prices guaranteed


“John & Mary” spent many happy years in their family home. Over time they made their house their own, making lots of improvements, collecting artwork, furniture and the memories and belongings left as a result of raising two children there. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave but now that their kids have had children of their own and flown the nest, they felt it was time to downsize to a more suitably sized property, for just the two of them to enjoy.

When they put the house on the market and started to prepare for the move, it was a surprise to both Mary & John, just how much stuff they had acquired over the years! Over time they had increased the amount of storage space in their home, including the attic, the garage and the shed and it was soon obvious that they wouldn’t be able to take everything with them. The process of deciding what should stay and what should go had begun.

Once they had closed the deal on their new house, it was clear that not all of their existing furniture, art, collectables and belongings were going to fit into their new, smaller home. They decided to sell at auction and their kids wanted the odd piece, but they didn’t want to get rid of everything at this stage, so they contacted us about storage.

We went to their home and packed and wrapped the art work and collectables safely in protective wrapping and boxes. We also carefully removed some of the larger family pieces of furniture and packed everything into one of our moving trucks. We took everything back to our storage facility and securely packed it into a couple of our 250 cubic feet storage crates, which is where it is today.

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