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Has your home been affected by Pyrite? Are you availing of the Pyrite Remediation Scheme? Call JIT Removals & Storage to store your goods and furniture before the restoration begins.

Pyrite Removal & Storage

Has your home been affected by Pyrite? The government Remediation Scheme is designed to financially compensate homeowners whose property has been significantly damaged due to pyrite heave. This scheme completely refunds a homeowner for the cost of having their property repaired.


Of course, before any repairs take place, all the items and furniture within the home need to be professionally removed. JIT Removals & Storage offers a complete removal service to clients who are availing of the Pyrite Remediation Scheme.

Our service carefully and meticulously removes all items and furniture from your property. Our decades of experience ensure that even large or sensitive items are removed properly and stored in a safe and secure environment.

For the best Pyrite Removal & Storage services, please contact JIT Removals & Storage today.

Pyrite Removal & Storage FAQ