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JIT Essential Three POP! Video

A short video highlighting the three most essential elements of moving home:

Preparation - Organisation - Practice!

Three simple steps to the perfect moving experience

Preparation – in most cases, you will have a number of months to prepare before you need to move home and they key to a successful move? Use that time wisely!
Over time, we all collect items that we no longer need, want or use. Attics, sheds and storage cupboards are the main culprits hiding the stuff you really don’t need anymore. If you’re moving home, now is the time to get rid of those things!

Remember - the more stuff you have, the longer it’s going to take to move and the more it’s going to cost to move it. So, in the months before you move home, go through everything and decide if it’s going into the following categories Keep, Charity, Recycle or Skip.
We hate to see things thrown needlessly away so if you can send it to a grateful charity or recycle it, please do! Either way, our advice is simple…

If you don’t need it...don’t move with it!

Organisation – ias the day of your move comes close, it’s time to get organised and ready.

There are a number of ways that you might want to organise your move; you may wish to allow the professionals handle everything. In that case, we can arrive at your home with our reusable moving crates and wrap and pack all your remaining belongings away for you, before we transport them to your new home. Some of our clients prefer to do most of the wrapping and packing themselves, in which case you can either pre-order delivery of our reusable professional storage crates here and purchase packing materials from our online shop here. Then, on the day of your move, we’ll arrive to do all the heavy lifting and moving to your new home.

Either way, ensuring that all your possessions are organised and labelled ahead of time makes our job and yours a LOT easier! Get more handy organisation tips here.

Practise – there’s no substitute for experience, especially when it comes to moving your belongings safely. Some people have moved more times than they care to remember and have it down to an art...and we include ourselves in that category!

So if you’re thinking about doing some or all of the move yourself, here are a few things to consider...
There’s definitely a skill involved in packing boxes, crates and trucks in such a way that their contents are suitably protected. This includes ensuring

  • Individual items are wrapped and packed properly

  • Boxes and crates aren’t over packed so they don’t stack

  • Boxes and crates aren’t packed too heavily

  • There is a minimum number of fit and able bodies needed to lift often heavy and difficult pieces of furniture

  • You have the tools to dismantle and reassemble items like beds and wardrobes

  • You are able to hire and confident to drive a suitably sized truck

  • You are able to tightly pack the truck so that nothing moves during transit

Remember – we can provide you with whatever you need for your own move, from the full pack and move service, all the supplies and materials you need to pack yourself, to a truck and driver.

If you’re not sure which service you need, please get in touch and let us help you make the right decision for you.