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Crate & Small Storage

Crate Storage

Our purpose built storage crates, each with a capacity of 250 cubic feet, are ideal to store boxes containing belongings like boxes or bags of clothes, books, toys and the usual household items. They are ideally sized for furniture like sideboards, tables and chairs, couches and beds.

Typical uses for our storage crates include:

  • Housing of possessions during a home or business renovation

  • Property downsizing

  • Temporary relocation overseas

Small Storage

Sometimes you only need a small amount of storage for very specific, personal items. Well, we’ve got that covered too. Maybe you have family heirlooms, collectables or paperwork that you have no space for at home, but need to keep safe for the future. We can offer peace of mind by offering great value, secure, personal storage boxes. Each are tagged, sealed and archived away until you next need them.

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The time had come for “Richard & Samantha” when they needed additional living space in their home. They didn’t want to move, so they decided to extend and create a larger living area, an extra bathroom and bedroom. The plans they made up were very exciting, but it was a big job and meant that they’d be moving out for a period while the work was being done. Fortunately, they were able to move themselves and their essentials in with family, but the rest of their stuff was coming with us, back to storage.

The couple decided that they’d let us do all the work, so armed with boxes and packing materials, we safely packed away all of their kitchen utensils, crockery, pots, pans, etc. We took all the “white” goods, tables and chairs, cook books...everything but the kitchen sink in fact, away with us. We dismantled beds and wardrobes and packed away their contents, ready for when they’d be needed again.

The project build and finish time took a little longer than expected, but when they were ready, we took their belongings out of our secure storage containers in the warehouse and delivered them back to their new an improved home. We resembled the beds and wardrobes and left everything else where instructed, ready for them to re-organise.

We were delighted to see how happy Samantha & Richard were with their house, it looked amazing and we were glad to have been able to help that side of the project run smoothly.

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